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You Want To Be A Makeup Artist.

It is not easy starting out as a Makeup Artist. I started long ago and since then the training has changed quite a lot.

It is very important to go to school and do the 1-year training to understand all parts or Makeup Artistry.

A lot of people do amazing makeup on themselves and that makes them think that they can become a makeup Artist after 1 week at school.

This is so not the case, you need to be an artist, not just be able to put makeup on yourself. You need to see it, feel it and create it.

What people don´t know is underneath all the glitter and colours of beautiful makeup lies a makeup artist who had to give up so many things just to make others look and feel beautiful. For starters, makeup artists don´t start their career they moment the pick up a brush

It is never that easy. However, just because it`s not easy, it doesn`t mean it`s impossible it is your passion. I have the best job in the world, it is my life and my passion.

  1. You will work for free at first

It is no surprise that you will have to start this way, you need to build your portfolio and so you will have to exchange your services for photos. This way you will then be able to show your future clients what superb work you are capable of.

Some days you work some days you don´t

         This may seem like a dream it can be quite difficult to work as a freelance makeup artist      Rest days are wonderful but in this world, you have to keep hustling, and rest days mean no projects and no clients which mean no pay!

Your day can start early and end late

Being a Makeup Artist is completely different than having a 9- 5 desk job, you will have to sacrifice a whole day or two, or longer if you are working on a long project. Having special occasions as deadlines will mean you are expected to start hours before anyone else and stay with the crew until the end.

Clients assume they will love every makeup look you do

The pressure is on you as a makeup artist. You will work with people from around the world and to expect you will get on with every person is unrealistic, you will meet clients that are demanding and clients that are easier. So long as you ask all the important questions before you start working and you always give your client 110% you will always know you did your best.

Being a makeup artist is an investment

As a normal, makeup artists are expected to have a magical case full of high-quality makeup.  And as you all know good makeup is expensive. So a great suggestion would be after you attend a makeup school for a year you will get great discounts. 

If you have great credits for jobs you can apply and get discounts.

But as you will be doing a job that you absolutely love every day, it is all worth it

Before I go to work I am excited and I love what I do, I have travelled the world doing what I love and I can´t wait to keep doing so for many more years to come.

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