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Over the last few years, more and more brides are using clip-in hair extensions on their wedding day.

I think that clip in hair extensions are great, not just to create length but to also create volume.

Also in a hot country like Spain, if you want to wear your hair down then you need clip in extensions to keep the style longer.

So many styles nowadays have so much volume and it is not possible to keep this look without clip in extensions.

The reality is with almost every amazing picture you see on Pinterest where the hair is down or half up half down, they have worked with some sort of hair extension.

Plus a lot of brides don`t realise how long your hair has to be to be able to create those long, loose curls and how to keep it looking great for the entire wedding.

Wedding hair is not just about how it looks at that moment but how to keep it looking that great for the duration of the wedding.

You have to look your absolute best, there is no point in buying your dream dress and cutting costs on hair and makeup.

It is very important to have a professional hair and Makeup Artist for your Wedding Day.

Talk to your hairstylist about what type, length and style of extensions to get for your desired style.

We have spent a lot of time researching the best extensions for our brides, taking a lot of different reasons into consideration, and we have found the perfect extensions.

Please speak to me before your trial and I can recommend if you need extensions and what extensions will work for your desired hairstyle.

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