What is Derma-blading?

Derma-blading (aka Derma-planing or Derma-blading) is essentially a physical exfoliation treatment for the face

Derma-blading involves the use of a sterile, surgical-grade scalpel, which a highly trained practitioner uses to gently remove vellus hairs

from the face

How does derma-blading work, is it the same as shaving?

No, derma-blading is not the same as shaving your face. Though they are very similar, derma-planing delivers exfoliation along with hair removal (and is also performed by a licensed professional), while shaving really only removes peach fuzz.

What happens during dermaplaning?

An average dermaplaning appointment can last from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the practice, provider, and specific techniques (i.e whether or not they apply a numbing cream first – though it is uncommon – or if they incorporate a facial first).

But in general, during a regular derma-planing appointment, your beautician will scrape away the top layer of your skin using a scalpel-like tool and short feather-like strokes.

Dermaplaning is not painful, because the exfoliation is so superficial and the tool barely presses against your skin. Still, if you are at all nervous you can always chat with your dermatologist or beautician ahead of time.

What to expect after Dermaplaning

Right after derma-planing, you can expect some slight redness in your face, but not always, and if you do, it will fade quickly.

You just have to stop yourself from touching your super soft face. And a reminder, the results will last for 2 – 3 weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows.

How to care for your skin after dermaplaning

  1. Avoid sun exposure to your skin
  2. limit make use
  3. skip harsh products to your skin
  4. apply gently moisturizers to your skin

Try to avoid direct sun exposure for 3 days after derma-planing and keep your face protected with sunscreen.

Even though the treatments is gentle and doesn`t hurt, you are still losing a very thin layer of skin, so your face will be more sensitive to the sun and slightly more susceptible to sun damage.

You will need to wait for about 72 hours before you apply makeup, however, now that your skin feels silky smooth, it only feels right to now apply makeup because this will probably be your most flawless makeup day ever.

Usually if you don´t dermaplane, you put on your makeup and it looks pretty decent but throughout the day those creases and patchiness that plague you.

However, when you do derma-planing, those hairs are out of the way so you have a much smoother canvas to work with allowing your makeup to look more airbrushed and decrease the chances of creasing throughout the day.

This is perfect for your Wedding day!