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Postpone your Wedding Day

If you were planning a wedding this year – chances are your´re dealing with a wave of stress and worry right now.

The important thing to remember is that you are not alone.

This is more of a reaching out to all the brides and grooms that had to postpone their wedding this year 2020.

We started –  the year with so much enthusiasim I really thought 2020 was going to be an awesome year, and for some maybe it has been.

But for others – it has been a journey of learning our strengths and weaknesses

Firstly – let me say that if this has  happened to you, our hearts go out to you, and you are perfectly entitled to feel bewildered and a little broken by this chain of events

Emotional – There is an emotional process as well as a lot of organisation involved in the planning of this big event, which can be overwhelming. 

Try to stay positive –  you will have your perfect wedding just a different year, try to turn your focus again to the future, and start looking forward to a new date!

Focus on the Purpose – The whole point of getting married is joining together with your person. Focus on the love the two of you share and spend your extra time enriching your relationship. Ultimately your marriage is what´s important…………. not just the wedding celebration. Love is not postponed or canceled, especially in these uncertain times. Lean into it, and lean on one another. 

Growing your hair – You have another year to grow your hair

Skin – You have longer to work on your skin to get it in the perfect condition (no excuses)

Nails – stop biting and start growing your nails, your hands are so important for your wedding day, so they have to look there absolute best.

Save more money – you have another year to save more money for your wedding – this is great!

Crafty – more time to do some DIY for your wedding day so get crafty 🙂

More time to invest in each other – spending extra time as an engaged couple is a gift. Use it to your advantage, pour into one another and solidify that foundation for your upcoming marriage.

Enjoy – the year ahead and enjoy each other 2020

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