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If you are planning on doing your own hair and makeup for your wedding day there are quite a few things to take into consideration

After spending most of your life doing your own hair and makeup, it is strange to get a stranger to now do your hair and makeup on the most important day of your life so far

We all have a certain way of doing our curls, and we know exactly how our hair reacts to different products unless you are in a different climate.

How our skin reacts to different foundations, we have huge likes and dis-likes when it comes to eyeliner etc etc etc.

So, if you are really set in doing your own hair and makeup please do your research, especially about the products you are going to use.

If you are having a destination wedding and you will be in the heat, find out what products will be good for hair and skin. You need your hair and makeup to last for 24 hours.

Once you have chosen your products have a few trial runs on yourself, try a couple of different looks on the eyes, and especially under the eyes. Add your individual lashes, and see how the makeup lasts for the next 24 hours.

Do the same with your hair, if you are wearing your hair up you must make sure you are using the correct pins and the hair is secure, the last thing you want is pins flying everywhere during the first dance.

A huge consideration is that you have never done this before, and you may be nervous, almost 98% of brides get a little nervous so this can then be difficult doing the perfect eyeliner. It is not that you want to look perfect because you must also look like yourself.

If you think at all that you will be nervous then it is best you get a professional to work with you, they will make you feel at ease and you will know exactly how you will look as you would have done a trial already.

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