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March 29, 2021 by Ryan Castillo

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GlamCor lights

It does not have to be expensive when designing the perfect vanity space in your home and try to put the station near natural light. The mirrors attached to the wall should also have lights around this is so Important for makeup, (Hollywood led vanity light strip kit) or if you have a bigger budget (Glam Cor Lights) If possible keep the walls white so you do not differ the colour of your makeup when applying.– Teresa Snowball

Avoid direct contact with bathrooms and bathtubs

Avoid making vanity units in direct contact with your bathrooms or bathtubs. Remember to place your haircare, skincare, and makeup products separately. You can do this using small partitions in your drawers. The option of having a lot of drawers will leave the vanity top looking more aesthetic and clutter-free. Style the space with a couple of small indoor plants or a little vase with flowers to add a spoonful of freshness and make the vanity look finished and chic. – Sohni Juneja

Use storage bins with labels

When it comes to organizing the vanity area, storage bins that are labeled are a must. Labeling things makes it a lot easier to find what you are looking for without having to take everything out. You can also put flat trays in your drawers to prevent clutter and mess in them. – Cinderella Bridez

Giveaway unused items

I clear out products that I am not using and give them away in a cute little bag as a gift. Makeup is not a fine wine that gets better with age. So it’s best to keep what you use and give away products collecting dust in your drawer. – Pretty Girl Makeup

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