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All brides want to look a little tanned on their big day to give them a glow

Start exfoliating your skin and completing your hair removal a week before the wedding.  Do wait 24 hours in between waxing and any self-tan application, this will ensure the hair follicles have settled to aid a perfect finished effect

Prior to self-tan application, remove all products like deodorant, perfume etc

Experiment with different tans and colours 8 months before your wedding, you will then know what colour you want, what product you love to use on your day.

Use moisturizer as a barrier for only your elbows, knees, hands, feet, crease in the wrist back of the heel and around the hairline, also if you have any dry areas, when you are applying at home

If you go to a spray tan salon, ask your professional to mix a couple of colours to get your perfect glow, maybe dark with a light.

Please take into consideration that if you are coming to Barcelona for your wedding, or another hot country your tan will not last as long because of the heat. It can get streaky and very fake looking.

Having your makeup done after a tan is also important to bring the correct foundation or inform your makeup artist

Here are a few home tans that I have tested and like

  1. My favourite – Bondi-Sands the Australian tan is amazing, use the applicator mitt for easy application and leave from 1- 6 hours. It smells like coconut and lasts for 7-10 days
  1. St Tropez mouse, this goes on very easily, use an applicator mitt, this makes the application even.
  1. Clarins gel tanning award-winning sunless bronzer creates a golden even beach tan on demand
  1. Sensai – This product has a creamy texture for the body that spreads smoothly, offering very effective hydration and revealing a luminous skin with a silky tan.

Good luck and have fun working on your tan. If you give yourself 6 months to get the tan you would like you will end up with the perfect colour.

If you are visiting a professional to get your tan make sure you have tried and tested the colour in advance a few times.

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