Amazing bride with Professional Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist

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It takes some of us a long time to organise a wedding, especially if it is a Destiantion Wedding. Some of us will start by using a Wedding Planner.

I am now starting to get my brides for 2019 working on their skin and hair detox. It is not a diet, but it will help get your hair and skin in great condition so that your makeup and hair will look its best for your big day..

The season of eating drinking is now behind you, time to think about getting yourself in top condition, this also includes your skin and hair.

You are what you eat and drink!! Start and finish the day with lemon water.

Of course, it is always good to have facials, but creams and treatments are not as effective as what we take into our bodies

We need to clean out our systems and start putting good nutritious foods back.

Start every day with my delicious smoothy which is designed especially for your skin and hair.

Start each day with a super food smoothie

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