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Spring weddings – Get perfect skin

As we leave the winter months and just before the summer arrives, there is nothing more beautiful than Spring Weddings. But thanks to the harsh dry winter weather and lots of central heating, Spring blushing brides and guests may look a little more rugged than rosy.

There is no better time than to give your skin some love and get ready for the changing seasons with some new skin regime. Prepare for the wedding season ahead with some spring skin care for a bride, bridesmaids/mums and guests.

Let’s talk about some of the skin care concerns you may be having before your spring wedding.

Dry skin – Winter is notorious for its bitter cold temperatures, harsh winds, and low humidity. This combination creates the perfect environment for dry skin. This spring you want to focus on moisturizing your parched skin. After cleansing, with a natural cleanser, you will need a heavy duty moisturizer, a key ingredient to keep an eye out for this spring is Hyaluronic acid. This hydration powerhouse can hold up to 1000x its weight in water so it’s a great bet for dehydrated skin.

 Chapped lips – This can be a problem as the winter months have been so harsh, and you want your lips perfect and kissable for your day. A good lip scrub can do wonders if used weekly and use a good lip balm as often as you can remember throughout the day, just before sleeping use a night lip balm (natural is best) try to find a lip balm with a long-lasting hydration.

Also if you want to have plumper, kissable lips there is always the option of lip Augmentation with Hyaluronic Acid, you will notice greater elasticity and a much more natural result, than what is achieved with other products on the market, everyone wants luscious lips, and any age can achieve this. This should be done 3 or more weeks before your wedding day.

Buildup of Dead Skin Cells – Dry skin and dead skin cell buildup can often go together and this buildup on the skin´s surface can cause dull skin tone by the time the winter is over. This time of year everyone is looking forward to leaving the winter behind and spring clean, so why not extend this to your skin and start by using a cleansing brush to brush away all the dead skin cells, you will be able to remove more clogged pores, dirt and oils. You need to get your skin in top condition for your big day, and beautiful skin means flawless makeup.

To make sure your skin is perfectly smooth another option which is very popular is peeling. Mainly, the treatment is used to rejuvenate your skin, improve its quality, eliminate more superficial wrinkles, improve acne scars and reduce sunspots or minor irregularities in pigmentation. This should be done 3 or more weeks before your wedding day.

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