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On the day of your trial make sure your are not wearing makeup and your skin has had time to breath before you start putting on more makeup, go clean and product free, if you want to put on your daily moisturiser that is fine.

For your hair, make sure you wash your hair the morning of the trial, the stylist can add products to help hold the hair but it is too difficult to work with greasy hair, especially in a hot country.

Even though you may have sent photos to your stylist still take more on the day, you need to make sure you and your stylist is on the same page. Take pictures of things you don`t like also, you need to give her/him as much information as possible to get the look you are happy with. Remember if you are doing a destination wedding you would not have met your stylist before, she can`t decide what style you should have on such an important day.

As I mentioned before try to wear a white top, something with a similar neckline as your dress. If possible take your veil and any headpiece that you maybe wearing on the day. You can even take your jewellery this will give it a good finish. If you are using clip in hair extensions then make sure they are washed and clean ready to be used. Ask your stylist which extensions she recommends. I use Hair Rehab London they are amazing and you will not be able to tell the difference between your hair and the extensions.

If possible take a friend or family member to help you decide which style you liked best. The trial usually takes longer than on the day because you have not worked together before and it is good to spend some time getting to know each other, don`t rush your trial.

Ask in advance how much the trial will cost, so you are prepared on the day. If it is free or too cheap then it is probably going to be a disaster.

Speak up dont be shy, this is what the trial is about. You are there to work with the stylist to create your perfect look. Ask questions doesn`t matter if they seem silly to you.

After you leave the trial keep a time on how the makeup holds up and for how long, if you need to make changes you can tell your stylist. The hair is more difficult to keep a tab on as you probably won`t leave with your hair in an up-style. But if you choose to wear your hair down and loose, keep a time on how the curls hold. Remember if you want a loose beachy look the curls will obviously drop.

Have fun as this is the time to start to enjoying the last few months till your wedding day.


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