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Beautiful Mother of the Bride in Costa Brava

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Your Daughter/Son is getting married, this is such an exciting and nervous time for every parent

Wearing too much makeup – Sometimes you can try harder than you need to, this doesn´t mean you don´t have to try but don´t change too much what you usually do, little changes can make a big difference.

Stick to classics and use subtle colours – Keep your foundations the same colour as your body and not try to use too much bronzer unless you already have a great natural tan.

If you are not used to wearing bold lip colour, don´t do this today!

If your son/daughter is having a destination wedding then make sure you have your hair coloured just before you leave your country

Take into account that if you are going to a hot country the sun could change the colour of your hair

Be careful not to tan too much it is very difficult for your makeup artist to match the colour on your skin especially if you are sunburnt! Use lots of suntan protection.

Older Skin – I don`t use powder all over, maybe just a very little on the cheeks and jawline, and use a very sheer and colourless translucent powder.

Applying eyeliner –Use a very good eye primer, this can stop the eyeliner transferring to the eyelid, in a hot country this is very important.

If you don´t usually use an eyeliner then use a colour powder and push the powder into the eyelash roots, this can make your eyes pop and an illusion that you are wearing eyeliner softly.

Always use waterproof mascara, for the heat and the emotions.

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