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As we move into a New Year – we are still hopeful that weddings in 2021 will go ahead, but it seems we will have to wait for the Spring months.

This is a very hard time for couples that have had their wedding planned for 2020 and uncertain when they will be able to travel with their family and friends, probably they have been told a hundred times to stay positive! But I can only imagine how hard it is to stay positive with each passing month with new laws and regulations.

Be sure that when the Spring months arrive the Destination Weddings will be booked everyday, due to the backup of weddings from 2020, so make sure you have your venue booked (and your chosen hair/Makeup artist) well in advance, this is going to be the start of a very busy few years indeed!

Already getting very booked for 2022, so please get your dates organised for hair and makeup as soon as possible.

It seems at the moment elopements are growing, whilst elopements hold fewer guests it is easier to organise with the current situation, and some couples want a more intimate wedding. This is why Carole Bipat is a great contact. They can suggest venues based on the client’s interest and introduce you to local vendors with great reputations, they can also help with legal documentations and complete itinerary for the couple. 

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