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This is probably – one of the most asked questions at the moment before weddings, is about having semi-permanent eyelash extensions

Should or should I not – get eyelash extensions for my wedding?

This really is up to you but there are some facts you should know before you go ahead, as this can be quite a commitment

Individual lashes Most makeup artists will always use individual lashes for their brides, these lashes last just for 48 hours but feel completely natural.

Most important is your artist certified and licensed! Being Licensed means they would have trained with a credited lash artist or industry brand

This means at a minimum they have basic knowledge of bacterial sanitation and application techniques for long-lasting eyelash health.

Make sure you do a skin test for allergies before you start. The main ingredient in the glue is cyanoacrylate, a fast-drying agent

This compound is made from cyanide and acrylate, and a lot of people can have an allergic reaction.

A full set of lashes takes around 2 – 3 hours, refills around 11/2 hours every 3-4 weeks.

From my experience and speaking with people that have had eyelash extensions the first few days are the best, they look full and luscious and natural.

This lasts around 2 weeks, after 2 weeks they start to criss-cross over each other and become sparse.

Doesn´t matter how much you brush them and care for them, they will, of course, drop off and sometimes they will take your natural lash with them.

The cost for the first full set in Barcelona is around 80 – 140.00 euros, and then every 3-4 weeks refills, this costs around 60 – 90 euros, so it is not a cheap and needs quite a lot of upkeep.

You can find cheaper artists, but be careful going cheap is never a good idea!!

It is important to give your lashes a break every few months and then use a serum to build up your natural lashes, to keep extensions on all the time is not a great idea for your natural lashes.

So back to the question – If you want to have extensions for your wedding and honeymoon, why not!

On your wedding day, your makeup artist can add a couple of individual lashes if you have lost some along the way. Your makeup artist will also be able to advise you on a good technician if you need a re-fill when you are travelling.

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