Back to Blog ⇐ This is probably - one of the most asked questions at the moment before weddings, is about having semi-permanent eyelash extensions Should or should I not - get eyelash extensions for my wedding? This really is up to you but there are some facts…


Mother of the Bride and Groom Makeup and Hair

Beautiful Mother of the Bride in Costa Brava Back to Blog ⇐ Your Daughter/Son is getting married, this is such an exciting and nervous time for every parent Wearing too much makeup - Sometimes you can try harder than you need to, this doesn´t mean you don´t have…

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Cuban Inspired Beauty/ Bridal Shoot

Back to Blog ⇐ Cuba immediately conjures up images of uber cool cars in vibrant colours, fat cigars being smoked on street corners and sexy women drinking strong black coffee on the balconies. I was just back from 3 weeks in Cuba and needed to do something different.…

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