Back to Blog ⇐ Eyelid tape and eyelid glue (often called eye putty) are two widely available options to help you These products allow you to naturally create a new crease over time Eyelid glue originated in Japan in the 1970¨s It was originally used to eliminate the…

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Makeup and Hair for Bridesmaids

Back to Blog ⇐ Being asked to be a bridesmaid - Is a privilege and very exciting. However, it can also be quite expensive especially if you have a few other weddings that year. It varies by bride whether she foots the hair and makeup bill for the…

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Wedding hair trends for 2019

Back to Blog ⇐ As we have nearly finished our 2018 wedding season, we will start to work on trials for 2019 and are now getting ready for the new trends of hairstyles. Makeup and Hair for 2019 will be bold and beautiful Tongs on the ready as…

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Get perfect skin for your wedding

Back to Blog ⇐ Spring weddings - Get perfect skin As we leave the winter months and just before the summer arrives, there is nothing more beautiful than Spring Weddings. But thanks to the harsh dry winter weather and lots of central heating, Spring blushing brides and guests…

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Hair and Makeup Trial part 2

Back to Blog ⇐ On the day of your trial make sure you are not wearing makeup and your skin has had time to breath before you start putting on more makeup. Go clean and product free. If you want to put on your daily moisturiser that is…

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Wedding Hair and Makeup trials

Back to Blog ⇐ It is always best to book your hair and makeup trial a few months before your wedding. You should have your dress by then and have a very good idea of the look you are creating for your special day. If you are doing…

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The Secrets to Washing Your Hair

Back to Blog ⇐ People are still getting this so wrong! If you can wash your hair only twice a week maximum. It is best to wash your hair in the shower, massage your scalp with shampoo and not with conditioner do this for about 40 seconds before…

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End of Wedding Season 2016

Back to Blog ⇐ As we come to the end of the busy Wedding season we want to thank all the brides that worked with us this year. Once again it has been a very busy year with our brides coming to get married in Barcelona from all…

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