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Let your natural beauty shine through on your wedding day with glowing skin, lightly flushed cheeks and fresh-bitten lips.

Choosing the right makeup for yourself on your big day should be easy as you shouldn’t change too much of how you usually wear your makeup, unless you want to go lighter.

Maybe it will be the first time that you wear a full white/cream dress so already you are out of your comfort zone. The makeup should match the style you have chosen for your wedding dress, if you have chosen a vintage dress it would be ideal to keep the hair/makeup vintage.

It is also important to take into consideration on the weather as you will need to use different primers especially in August in Spain as the weather is very hot, also if you get naturally greasy skin, primers are very important as this will help to keep the makeup looking its best for the next 24 hours, ask your makeup artist which one is best primer for your skin type, tips on how to keep your makeup looking flawless for the whole day/evening.

Although the bold lip is in trend for 2018, it is not a good idea to do this unless you are used to seeing yourself with a bold lip, I would suggest a lip stain so you use the pigments of your own lips to create a perfect colour then you can add a little balm. If you are used to wearing red then go for it, full on red lips look amazing, probably not too much gloss as you have to kiss your future husband at the altar and he won´t want photos will red lips!

The skin is so important on this day as you want it dewy, radiant and in perfect condition, so please contact me for my hair and skin regime which should be started asap, you will need at leave a few months for it to make a difference, the better condition your skin is in the better your makeup will look and last on your big day.

You do not want to wear too much powder, if any on your wedding day, so ask your makeup artist how you can achieve this, too much powder creates lines which can give a illusion of aging, you want to look the very best version of you, but more perfect.

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