A blurry eyeliner for 2019

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We are now looking at Makeup and Hair trends for our brides of 2019.

Although we like a smokey eye this can be a little too heavy makeup especially when you are wearing a soft white/cream gown, so we are using a blurry effect.

Blurry Eyeliner

We are working towards a more blurry eyeliner, using eyeshadow to create the blurry effect

And then a gel liner to give a pop for the eye. This effect can also bring out the colour of your


With the flexibility of playing with colours and intensity that this sultry smudge look allows.

Sparkling eyes

What wedding is complete without a little sparkle. And what a better way to wing it with some

Shimmery metallic eyeshadow.

Adding depth to the eyes, whether a soft layer for those that want romantic or a double dose for those that want glamour.

Natural Makeup

Natural Makeup is definitely still in for 2019, when I say natural I mean beautiful luminous skin, flawless skin. It is easy to put on a lot of makeup but takes a real artist to make you look your absolute best with very little Makeup.

This is something your Makeup Artist will create for you.

Your brows should be shaped but also natural, using lighter colours to fill in the gaps


Although a bold lip has become more popular for 2018 and moving into 2019, don`t use bold lip colours if you don`t usually in your everyday life, today is not the day to try out new things.

Or have a natural lip during the ceremony and add a bold lip for the reception or evening party

Another way would be to use a lip stain and add a little gloss on top.

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